“By means of the sign, man frees himself from the here and now...”     
~ Umberto Eco

 The Peripheral Landscape  

The landscape segmented, delineated by the edges of habitation. Places overlooked, ignored…the residue of commercial activity; nature transformed by desire for prosperity.

These are themes of great fascination for me. I tend to approach everything as signs and signifiers. Nothing is simply an object. Objects exists only in relationship, and it is from the relationship that we  derive meaning.

I’m drawn to those places that reveal our propensity for unconsciously redacting the detritus in our visual field, conveniently glossing over the contradictions inherent in our dependence on the natural world for consumption. Regardless of how absurd and contradictory, explicit beauty emanates from light, form and proportion. I revel in the dissonance in this strange dialectic: attraction and repulsion.